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The first lesson is free. For the next lesson pay here.

Jak działamy w Better English LTS I na czym polegal ta organizacja?

Better English LTS uczy angielskiego wykorzystując specjalnie przygotowaną platformę Internetową, którą używają uczniowie oraz nauczyciele – native speakerzy. Nauczyciel pracuje systematycznie z danym uczniem i udziela indywidualnych, spersonalizowanych lekcji w trybie 1 x 1. Do komunikacji wykorzystujemy Skype, przez którego możesz się komunikować ze swoim nauczycielem używając komputera, smartfona lub tabletu. Możesz korzystać z lekcji o dowolnej porze i w dowolnym miejscu.

When can I begin?

You can begin even today, as soon as you are familiar with our offer. Click on the icon above to sign up for a free trial lesson. Don't hesitate - it's very easy to use and it works. Someone is waiting on the other side for your signing up, to confirm your reservation. Please enter your preferred date and time of the first free lesson.


The first lesson is absolutely free. When you find out how excellent the service you'll be able to receive for PLN 28 per 55 minutes, we'll ask you to choose the lesson plan you want to buy and give you instructions on cashless payment. If you do not use Skype and Gmail - we welcome to the virtual world of the 21st century and teach you, by the way you will acquire useful and interesting skills.

How to sign up for a free trial lesson

  1. Click on the link "free trial lesson" below and sign up for the first free lesson (the nearest date is tomorrow at the time you choose). Once you click on that link, you will find yourself on the page where you are enrolling for a free trial lesson. 
  2. You can choose the date of the trial lesson by clicking on the calendar for the appropriate date and time. 
  3. At the bottom of the page where you will be, type into the window: 1) Your first and last name (or only your first and last name if you prefer) and 2) Your e-mail address. Then press the "Send" button. If you can, enter your Skype ID and Gmail address (how to create a Skype and Gmail account and find your Skype ID - you will find the answer below).
  4. When you press "Send", you will see an "Instruction" on your screen. The “Instruction” is just a few guidelines how to start a free trial lesson. In addition, you will find windows where you can enter Skype ID and Gmail address if you have not provided them before.
  5. At the same time you will receive email confirmation of the date and time of the trial lesson. The message will also include the link to the “Instruction” mentioned above, just in case.
  6. When the time of free trial lesson comes, sit comfortably in front of your computer and log in to Skype and Gmail. You will meet the teacher there, who will be waiting for you and will guide you through the free trial lesson. The teacher will show you what the lessons look like and will conduct the first free lesson. The teacher will also examine your skills and determine the right level for you. The teacher will also ask you what the purpose of your English education is and will select a proper teaching program that matches your needs. If you decide to enroll, you will be asked how many times a week and at what times you want to have lessons. Then – the learning begins. 
  7. Now you click on the link Free trial class link and follow the instructions to start learning tomorrow morning. The free trial lesson does not oblige you to enroll or to pay any fee.
  8. If you have any questions, click on the chat window in the bottom right corner of the homepage Home and our agent will provide you with all the help you need.

How to open a Skype and Gmail account

A Skype and Gmail accounts are the simple tools needed for our lessons. 

To open a Skype account click here

To open an account on Gmail click here

Skype ID or username

Note: Your Skype ID allows the teacher to find you on Skype, so please enter your Skype Name. This is not your "nickname"/name but a special ID to read them:

- launch Skype, if you are not logged in/logged in to Skype then log in.

- in the top left corner you should see your name, click it

you will see a new window, find the "Profile in Skype" in it, click it

you will see a new window, find the "Skype username" in it, copy and send it to us

If you still cannot find Skype ID, you can enter your email address which you use to log in to Skype instead - we can usually find you this way. Unfortunately, we won't be able to find you by your nickname/name you use on Skype, because a lot of people use the same.

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