Thank you registering for free trial class. Confirmation of the date of the free trial lesson and a link to this Instruction have been sent to the email address that you provided.

  • Your teacher will send you a message on Skype and Gmail 30 minutes before your lesson.
  • In correspondence from your teacher you will find materials and learning aids for a free lesson.
  • Make sure to be logged in Skype and Gmail at the time of your appointment for a free trial class and the teacher will contact you at the time of your class.
  • If you didn't give us your Gmail address and Skype User Name (Skype ID) during the registration, please enter them now by filling in the form below.

Below please find a skype and gmail address at which you will be able to find our agent who will help you if necessary. Also, you can use the chat window on our site to get help.

Skype username (Skype ID): live:betterenglish.elts 

When starting a trial class, you can get help at any time by using the chat window on our website

If you don't have a Skype or Gmail account, read the instructions at the bottom of this page.

See you later!


How to open a Skype and Gmail account

To open a Skype account Click here: 

To open an account on Gmail Click here:

What is a Skype ID and how to find it

Your Skype ID allows the teacher to find you on Skype, this is why we are asking every new student to provide it.

In order to find it:

-launch Skype. If you are not logged in to Skype, please log in.

-in the top left corner you will see your name, click on it

-you will see a new window, find the "Profile in Skype", click on it,copy and send it to us

If you still cannot find your Skype ID, you can enter your email address which you use to log in to Skype

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