Better English LTS is an international English language teaching institution providing native speakers and communication specialists that operates successfully in many countries. We offer personalized English classes taught by qualified teachers, native speakers. Our courses will allow you to quickly and inexpensively improve your English skills and communicate fluently in English.

Better English LTS offers 1×1 individual English lessons via Skype. The method of communication is simple and requires only free Skype and Google applications. You need a standard PC or Apple computer with a speaker and microphone, no camera required. Mastering our teaching tools takes only a few minutes, then the teaching begins. Instructions can be found in the tab. How to Get Started 
Our teachers are native speakers, qualified to teach English, highly motivated and enthusiastic. Teaching in a system of one student-one teacher allows us to achieve excellent results. Our teaching is much faster and more interesting than group lessons. We use the well established and renewed method. Better English LTS. Nasi uczniowie lubią lekcje, szybko czynią postępy i jesteśmy dumni z tego, że zdobyte i utrwalone umiejętności pozostają użyteczne na całe życie.

METODA Better English LTS

Method"Better English LTSmethod is based on a curriculum developed by native speakers with application of the latest interactive technologies and distance communication. However, what distinguishes us from the "automatic" applications is that each lesson is 100% individual and the teacher is only at your disposal.

How do we teach? The teacher is with you at all times and you talk all the time using Skype. You are enhancing your skills of speaking and understanding spoken English 100% of the time. What is important, when you talk, the teacher constantly corrects your pronunciation and grammar. At the same time, using an interactive blackboard, you do grammar and editorial exercises using the teaching aids we have developed. You can also have conversations with your teacher on chosen topics, during which the teacher also corrects your pronunciation and grammar. This way, you make excellent use of every minute of the lesson. You learn both pronunciation and how to understand spoken English, as well as English grammar.

This is the method of the future that applies cutting-edge technology to teach people excellent spoken and written English. Without living your home, in contact with a native speaker, in an interesting way, and most importantly - quickly and without significant expenses.

Instead of exposing you to long descriptions of our teaching methods, we invite you to a free trial classtoday where you will see how enjoyable our classes are and see how great the teaching we offer at our affordable rates.

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